Global Rebranding Initiative

Our ultimate mission is to initiate and inspire a global paradigm shift that redefines how social progress is made. We believe that partnerships between businesses and causes should be standard practice and expected by consumers. This is how we can create massive sustainable change in our world!

Why not have economic growth and social benefit at the same time?

The poster child of our Global Rebranding Initiative is Delivering Veterans and Active servicemen and women assistance in a sustainable environment. Our Veteran Program does exactly that: it serves our servicemen and women while it enables them to do what they love to do: keep serving their country. Our Program allows them to receive benefits and supplemental income through FPN’s matchmaking technologies in HONOR and PRIDE.


Getting an ex-felon hired cures the unemployment symptom temporarily. Providing that ex-felon the counseling, medical attention, and professional networking needed to become more sustainably employable creates lifelong change.

Our primary focus is on tackling social problems Globally

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