About us

Legacy Nation exists to bring businesses, causes, supporters and celebrities together to harness the power of e-commerce, compassion, and connectivity. We believe that when the financial power of business is matched with the compassionate impact of social cause solutions, there is a real opportunity to achieve progress that will last for generations to follow.

How Legacy Nation Works

Legacy Nation employs a dynamic approach to cause-marketing. Each of the following outlets make use of cause-marketing in different ways, leading towards the same goal. Cause-marketing is the process whereby a business publicly or privately aligns itself with a cause to give back to the world as well as promote their brand creating growth and customer loyalty. It works the same way for social causes. We believe in this strategy but feel that it can improve greatly. We are all about the win-win of cause-marketing. We want to show our commitment to cause marketing by offering a variety of new, revolutionary, innovative approaches mainly Fantasy Philanthropic Network

Fantasy Philanthropic Network is a cause-marketing social media platform that puts businesses, causes, supporters and celebrities all in one space. Think of Fantasy Philanthropic Network as a comprehensive matchmaking suite of tools for the purpose of revolutionizing the Global Philanthropy Sector.

Global Rebranding Initiative is an ambitious initiative that represents a paradigm shift in how the world approach social progress. Our vision is to connect businesses with like-minded causes in every city globally thus creating a synergistic relationship that produces economic growth and social progress at the same time.

Impact Projects Legacy Nation’s vision far exceeds Fantasy Philanthropic Network and the Global Rebranding Initiative. Legacy Nation is currently assembling the resources, staffing and relationships necessary to deploy impact projects around the world. Our primary focus is on tackling social problems Globally.