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Is a cause centered social media platform. FPN’s mission is to facilitate the creation of billions of Legacies by connecting businesses, causes, supporters and celebrities. We identified a void in how philanthropy and support is channeled ever so slowly to those in need, FPN is a vast array of technology and novel concepts that bridges this void. Bringing these groups together to work towards social solutions will achieve economic, social and cultural progress all at the same time!

Why is FPN valuable?

The “heart and soul” of FPN is its ability to match businesses, causes, celebrities and individuals.

Currently, these groups do not have a clear way of coming together. Often this is a haphazard process of luck and timing that produces few sustainable results.

Most businesses do not possess the time to do a comprehensive search nor the ability to choose which cause is the best for them to align with.

For causes, the situation is the same. There are 1000’s of companies out there for a cause to align with. Which one do they choose? Based on what criteria? FPN solves this.

And for celebrities and people who wish to support causes and the businesses that align with them, FPN is great for them too!

Here’s how FPN works

1. Everyone creates a profile page.

2. Once your profile page is setup, indicate whether you are a celebrity, supporter or a representative of a cause or a for-profit or non-profit organization.

3. Once you have indicated how you will use FPN, fill out our comprehensive questionnaire. The questionnaire helps us match you together with businesses, causes, individuals and celebrities based on your preferences. This is the secret sauce that makes FPN so valuable!

4. Once connected, get involved! We have taken the hassle out of cause-marketing and now you are on your way toward creating your Legacy.

5. The end goal: Businesses, causes and supporters save time and effort in coming together. Businesses, celebrities, and supporters can align themselves with the RIGHT CAUSE and vice versa. This way, they can all get right to work and start generating results without the hassle of all the searching and vetting that normally goes on with little or no results.

6. Take advantage of this groundbreaking revolutionary platform and be a part of creating an environment where commerce, compassion and togetherness come together.

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