Resolving Homelessness

Fantasy Philanthropic NetworkCause centered social media platform

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  • Connecting businesses, causes, supporters and celebrities
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JobTraining and Replacement

Fantasy Philanthropic Network

Is a cause centered social media platform. FPN’s mission is to facilitate the creation of billions of Legacies by connecting businesses, causes, supporters and celebrities. We identified a void in how philanthropy and support is channeled ever so slowly to those in need, FPN is a vast array of technology and novel concepts that bridges this void. More

Global Rebranding Initiative

Our ultimate mission is to initiate and inspire a global paradigm shift that redefines how social progress is made. We believe that partnerships between businesses and causes should be standard practice and expected by consumers. More

Impact Projects

Impact projects are direct services that are provided in the areas where social conditions are the underserved. Our goal in deploying these impact projects is to target root problems underlying the conditions and symptoms we see on the surface. More

Global Initiative Committee

Part of our impact project initiative to bring together a diverse group through.Resolving Homelessness ,Physical Fitness, Sports Safety, Improving Education, AIDS/HIV Eradication, Cancer Awareness, Hurricane Katrina Relief Fund. More

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